Accumulative text by Eirik Melstrøm. February 2021-

a white and yellow flower

a flower in a bed of flowers

an empty terracotta pot

a crate of compost in the corner of a garden

white noise on a television screen

two sumo-wrestlers fighting

putting a seed into the ground

a bundle of asparagus

the color yellow next to the color purple

a chain reaction car crash

a cocktail-shaker mid-air

a long que to the restroom

taking a dump on Pavarottis forehead

dipping a brush in a bucket of white paint

following a path in the woods

looking out on a forest from an airplane window just after take-off

knuckles hitting a tabletop

cigarette smoke being exhaled

the colors of the flames in a fireplace

water boiling in a kettle

a red apple

squeezing toothpaste out of the tube

the change in friction when applying soap

the velocity of a spinning vinyl record

sticking a fork into a piece of broccoli

holding a burnt thumb under a flowing sink

ten chickens on a rooftop

a chandelier

a teenage girl carrying a fire extinguisher

fastening an airplane seat belt

a knitting needle piercing your eyeball

two bags of sand on top of each other

having an orgasm

writing your name on a yellow post-it

the letter Z

shaking a broken light bulb

pushing a book into a crowded bookshelf

a hand with six fingers

the broken tip of a pencil

a tower reaching into space

the movement on the surface of the water due to the propeller blades of boat

a flickering neon sign

a hand holding another hand

the hand of a child holding the hand of an adult

the glimmer of a glossy photograph

the complexion of a dead persons skin

folding a t-shirt

(your) lips touching a microphone

an exposed human brain wrapped in cellophane

fabric saturated with water

opening a window

pressing a button in an elevator

a cardboard spaceship

a triangle next to a circle next to a square

your mothers face

the dimness at the cinema