The B-Flat Society, 2021-

Non-profit organization, FM-radio station, website, speaker box installations, lectures, happenings, open archive and audio publications. Web: Instagram: bflatsociety

The B-Flat Society is an initiative dedicated to the encouragement, promotion and distribution of the note B-Flat, including the scales B-Flat Major and B-Flat Minor. The society does not operate based on formal membership, and there is no membership fee, organizational structure or fiscal policy. The B-Flat Society exist first and foremost as an invitation, a call to create, to take notice, experience, express, ponder, converse, write, perform, publish, broadcast, archive or in any other way inhabit the phenomenon that is B-Flat.

The B-Flat Society Speaker Box:

The B-Flat Society Lecture:

Cassette tape publication (BFS001):–b-flat-society–composition-1-and-2-in-b-flat–cassette

7″ vinyl publication (BFS002):

The Need To Tell You (Arecibo Revisited), 2019-20.

Interstellar radio message, transmitted May 2020. Message translated into a sixteen note chromatic scale and performed on a piano by Eirin Øgård Kinn, Oct. 13th 2019. Audio work: 24:13min. Released as a cassette tape publication by Breton Cassette June 2020. (3 min excerpt)

The radio message is an updated version of the so-called Arecibo Message, a 1974 radio signal sent into deep space being the first interstellar transmission from Earth containing information about humanity and our environments. Although adventurous in spirit the message is arguably more self-reflective than outreaching. More than the prospect of someday receiving an answer in return, it expresses the human need to communicate – the need to tell even an unidentified receiver about who we are. The message then becomes as much about how we perceive ourselves, as how we would like to be perceived by the outer-worldly other.

Transitional Objects, 2019-20

Photographic prints on PVC foil. Mounted in lightboxes. 122x92x22cm.

Exhibition view: Bærum Kunsthall, 2020

Artist talk on exhibition at Bærum Kunsthall:

From One to Another (Conservation of Power), 2021.

Natural light, Overlyssal 1 at Kunstnernes Hus, AGM battery unit, solar panel, solar panel controller, wood.

Harvesting of natural light in Overlyssal 1 at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, April 6th-25th, 2021. In accordance with the 1st Law of Thermodynamics (conservation), light is conserved as power through the use of a standard solar panel and stored using a 75 Ah battery unit. During the residency The Great Indoors, conducted by the MA2 students of Oslo Academy of Fine Arts in April 2021, the solar power was used to motor a spinning tree carrying artifacts accumulated by the collective resident artists.

Exhibition view: Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, 2021.

Spaceship Earth, 2021

Video. 21:36min

Prototype For A Cosmist Utopia, 2019

Audio-sculptural installation. 270x180x95 / 06:00min

Pigmented epoxy resin, fiberglass, polyurethane varnish, hard wax, plywood, pigmented water, concrete, audio.

Audio: (1min excerpt)


Celestial bodies, 2018

Audio-sculptural installation. 210x230x90 / 05:24min

Pigmented epoxy resin, fiberglass, polyurethane varnish, hard wax, plywood, brass pipes, audio.

Audio: (1min excerpt)

One and no chair (II), 2018

Ready made, concrete, chair, printed text

Exhibition view: KMD, Bergen, 2018.


One and no chair (I), 2017

Ready made, acrylic resin, wood.

Exhibition view: Expositur Paulusplatz, Vienna, 2017.